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Short Films - Writer

Help Wanted Poster.jpg

Help Wanted is a 2 minute comedy about a job interview that goes wrong.

This film premiered at the 2018 NoHo Cinefest.  It also played at the Austin Comedy Film Festival, Philly Sketchfest Comedy Film Festival, Atlanta Comedy Film Festival, and finished at the Portland Comedy Film Festival.  It was nominated for Best Micro Budget Short & Best Original Concept in Atlanta and Best Micro Short Comedy in Portland!

321_poster-v3-FINAL feb 20 2019.png

3 Bullets, 2 Fighters, 1 Gun is an 8 minute comedy about an innocent woman having a confrontation with a clown who bullies her.

This film premiered at the 2019 NoHo Cinfest and is still in its festival run!  This film was my first endeavor in visual effects and heavy stunt work.

Quarantine Crazy is an 7 minute action-comedy short film about how the perfect couple handles quarantine life, but everything isn't as perfect as it seems on the surface...

I directed and helped write this script.  I was brought into this project by the star Freddy John James.  He shines as bright as any Hollywood star and he is an absolute joy working with.  

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