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Life in the Wild is an Adventure Rom-Com about a business woman you finds herself stuck in the middle of the Congo jungle.


This is a full feature length script.


(WGA Registered)

A Look Through the Hook is the untold story of Jas Hook, and the truth about Peter Pan and the classic story.


This is a full length feature script.


(WGA Registered)


Death Suspects a Murder (2012) is a murder mystery about 2 detective you must solve a murder case within a 72 hour time frame.  I was a Story Developer on this project during the development and birth of this feature film.  


Death Suspects a Murder is currently being distrubited online.  

Flag Day(USA) is a romantic-comedy about a guy who must choose between his dream job and his dream girl.  I am a Story Developer for this feature film script.


The script for Flag Day(USA) has been completed, and is currently in Pre-Production.


(WGA Registered)

Her Tell Tale Heart is a reimagination of Edgar Allan Poe's short story "The Tell Tale Heart".  A woman decides to kill her abusive husband and must escape her life, once the deed is done.


I created this story, and wrote it with my talented business partner Matthew Robinson


(WGA Registered)

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