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This past June at the 2019 Hollywood Fringe, I direcred my first feature length play, Olivia Wilde Does Not Survive the Apocalypse written by the crazy talented Matthew Robinson! It was awarded Best Comedy at the Fringe, was chosen for Pick of the Fringe, was awarded with the Encore Award, was very well received and all 7 shows were sold out!


Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Comedy

Summary: A hack director and a snooty actress stumble 300 years into the future. America has been taken over by a fascist government, which believes that entertainment is the key to control. As the only remaining people on earth with any artistic talent the director and actress are forced to put on a play. But if they fail to entertain the masses they will be executed on live television.


The Intervention is a short comedic play about Jesus and Satan giving God an intervention about abusing his power.

This play is written by the very lovely and talented Crystal Smith-Connelly.  This was the first play I ever directed and I was honored to put on this show for the 2 Cent Theatre Company's Acting Out Loud Inkfest 2019.  This festival only produces plays written by female playwrights as a celebration to all lady artist out there!

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