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Animation VO

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Video Game VO

Chen Gong, Dynasty Warriors, Playstation Video Game

Live Voice Acting Reel

Character Reel

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Animation VO Demo

This video is a compilation of clips from a variety of original and known characters.  All of the characters full clips are located below.

"Young Adult Samurai Tortoises" - Lil Wayne

"Young Adult Samurai Tortoises" is an animated sketch spoofing Ninja Turtles, bringing their reality to light; they are just reptiles.  I voiced the character Lil Wayne.

"Adventures of Berg" - Jeff & Jackie

This is the pilot for the series "Adventures of Berg".  I voiced the main character Jeff and his mother Jackie.  In future episodes I will be voicing more characters.

Commercial VO

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Reality TV Show Promotional video for "Hotel Dash"
Social Media Promotional Piece for the musical artist Alya.
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